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RÜFÜS DU SOL launches Rose Avenue Radio Show on Sirius XM

Since the foundation of their Rose Avenue label, which was named after a street in Los Angeles where RÜFÜS DU SOL wrote their Solace LP, the Australian indie-electronic group has soared to monumental heights globally. What better way to cap off that success with the creation of a brand new radio show.

The three-piece act has now launched Rose Avenue Radio, a two-hour showcase taking place over SiriusXM Chill (Ch. 53). RUFUS will play a 60-minute mix of soothing sounds and showcase their favorite, emerging electronic sounds. This month will feature a special one-hour guest DJ set from the Australian sibling duo, Lastlings.

“With all the lock downs making it impossible to tour, it felt like the right time for us to commit to bring you something new every month as part of a residency where we can have fun and showcase mixes from some of our favorite artists. For those of you who don’t have Sirius or are outside North America, we’ll be making the mixes available online next week,” says the trio of the launch.

Rove Ave Radio goes live at 2pm and 5pm PST with rebroadcasts happening all weekend on chill. For those without Sirius or outside of North America, the Aussie group will be making the mixes available to stream online in the week that follows Rose Ave Radio’s broadcast date. Tune in here.