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Ganja White Night reinvents BOOGIE T.RIO’s ‘Dear Weed Man’

Boogie T.rio has been a hit since forming in 2018, and have released several anthems that resonate with stoners across the nation since then. Made up of longtime friends Brock Thorton (Boogie T) performing vocals and guitar, Frank Castro on drums, and Andriu Yanovski on keyboards, their psychedelic reggae jam sound is both authentic and fresh. “Dear Weed Man,” a recent release from the group, is a tribute to all of the home sellers keeping the population well stocked up while they self isolate.

While the original song is laid back and funky, revered dubstep duo Ganja White Night (GWN) applied their traditional wobble sound to the song for a grimy remix. With delightfully spooky synth tones, dirty wobble wubs, and the original lyrics prominently featured, it’s a track that beautifully mixes the two groups’ unique musical textures. Boogie T recently opened for GWN on their The One tour, and while this is a remix instead of a planned collaboration, there is a clear chemistry between them that translates even off the stage. Well-known for their pro-marijuana stances, the track reinforces this belief loud and proud in a changing American climate. Listen below to vibe along with the boys.

Ganja White Night · BOOGIE T.RIO – Dear Weed Man (Ganja White Night Remix)

Featured photo: Shutterfinger