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FKJ enlists Galimatias on jazzy flip of Bas-assisted track, ‘Risk’

Since releasing his Ylang Ylang EP at the end of 2019, FKJ has been using to the decade to embrace solitude in quarantine… and take lots of pictures doing so for all of social media to see. Now the one-man wunderkind is making some moves, at least inasmuch as commissioning an official remix from Denmark-native Galimatias on his Bas-assisted track, “Risk.” Thankfully, the rework is an absolute bulls-eye.

Unsurprisingly, Galimatias has unlocked the full sonic potential of the already-insatiable track with this latest offering. The LA-resisting producer has breathed new life into the original, highlighting Bas’ smooth, layered vocal hook over a bedrock of slow, pulsating synths. To take the track a step further, Galimatias mixes in wonky vocal augmentation, funky guitar riffs, warbling bass, and lush orchestral swells. The result is a masterfully produced, quaintly playful track rendition that FKJ will surely be including in his live tours. That is, once quarantine is over.