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Who is the mysterious new kid on the block? Enigmatic producer Tripp St. shares debut mix

Rising out the woodworks seemingly overnight, a new producer named Tripp St. has emerged on SoundCloud with the kind of honed instincts, musical ear, and production skills of an established producer. The new mysterious talent has released his debut mixtape on the music sharing platform and it’s been turning heads all across the bass music world.

All talent and no gimmicks, Tripp St. is the kind of artist who is clearly enjoying the sort of anonymity approach that helped shape the careers of 1788-L, Bear Grillz, and many more. His or her unique style certainly fits the mold of those artists who focused on sound and skill to advance their projects rather than hype, networking, or promotion. The music speaks for itself too. The 47-minute mix of all-unreleased music takes listeners on a journey through glitchy breakbeat measures, funky horns, undulating bass lines, brazen hip-hop samples, and cleanly-arranged beats.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Tipper, Pretty Lights, and Manic Focus, the production talent on the mix is so convincing that music fanatics are speculating that Tripp St. has got to be an already-established artist. But who?