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UHNK and Ravenscoon deliver heavy hitter, ‘Sandman’

Ravenscoon and UHNK are two names in the underground bass music world that have been gaining heavy traction. Both artists have been featured on CE‘s Rising Bass Spotlight at one point or another and both have recent EP releases that push the boundaries of left-field sound. When one really listens to Ravenscoon’s Mind and UHNK’s DIY Reality, you can really hear just how well their sounds season each other’s unique flavors. No wonder the two are considering going on a joint-tour once the coronavirus pandemic eases its grip on the live music industry.

Long fans of each other’s work, the two artists have recently come together on a diligent bass banger, “Sandman.” Dark and foreboding from the outset, the three-and-a-half minute joint begins with the ubiquitous vocal of the ominous Sandman, whose here to lead the adventure. No wonder Ravenscoon calls it “one of the heaviest things [he’s] ever made.” After all, UHNK is the lead producer on the track and his work is noticeably dark and unrelentingly heavy.

The production duo then moves into gritty basslines, heavily arpeggiated chords, grinding synths, and a tik-tok sample that makes the listener feel as if a time bomb is about to go off. The song’s climactic drop is where the track pays off. It’s here where “Sandman” comes into full seismic focus with a bass-facing low-end that will have listeners moving in slow moving submission. If nothing else, this is one joint effort that will leave listeners wanting much more from Ravenscoon and UHNK. Hopefully, time will deliver more.