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A Digital Empire takes over Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend saw a very special live stream, A Digital Empire. The event was a perfect example of what this community is all about: selfless souls coming together, not to try and find the light but to be that light, especially when things seem dark. Using the power of music and connectivity, Natalie Wood, the artist manager over at Bass Boss Records was able to create something really beautiful all while helping a friend in need. 

So much love and intention were poured into this event every step of the way. From the initial plan, the making of it, to the final product, all of the hard work truly paid off and anyone who tuned in at any point over those 48 hours could clearly see that. The turnout was far more than anyone had imagined.

“A Digital Empire was a project I curated from my bedroom,” says Natalie Wood, creator of the event. “I was bored and wanted to throw an event where all of the artists that I manage could be involved, to give them some sense of excitement during a period of time that’s hard for us all. It went from a one day event incorporating many of my favorite flow artists and closest friends, to a two day event with not only flow artists, but live painters and VJ’s as well. It honestly kept me going, and gave not only myself but everyone involved a sense of purpose, and something to look forward to.”

Thie weekend saw an absurd amount of underground talent between each of the DJs, the flow artists, and the VJs. It put the spotlight on a lot of incredible individuals, giving them a much-deserved platform to showcase their skills. While there were over 20 artists performing, a few of the rising bass artists that threw down really captivating sets were EZBZ, Hizzuk, Sky Suite, Yum.Yum, Meduso, Wood.Wurks, and Slzrd.

In addition, the flow arts that were visually the main focus during each of the sets were immaculate. Some of the artists had performed prior to this, but many of them were able to debut their talents here. There was a wide range of skills and props including hoops, silk fans, poi, and fire. Rhianah Harleigh, kato flows, dubkeks, sk808, livvflows, 3EyedEli, Skeeter, ShaelynSpins, and quite a few others were absolutely enthralling.

Everyone that was a part of this event agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds to a cause very near and dear to the heart of the entire bass community. 

“I decided to take this event that means the world to all of us involved, and give back to a friend in need. We wanted Ash to know that she’s not alone and that we are here to come together for her, which is the most special part of this all. Something that I was doing to entertain myself and my artists and friends has now affected hundreds of people and I can’t fathom how much that means to me.” – Natalie Wood

After just the first day, A Digital Empire had already raised almost $1,000 to help #SaveOurSmash, a fundraiser dedicated to saving a very loyal member of the community. By the end of those two days, over $1,500 were raised to go directly toward Ashley’s GoFundMe which can be found here.