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Spotify lifts 10K track library cap, download limits still in effect

Spotify users can now save unlimited songs, albums, and podcasts to their library.

Over the years, users have been hurling complaint after complaint at Spotify’s 10,000 library limit—dating as far back as 2014, to be exact. As one of the most discussed features on Spotify’s Community Ideas forum (where the Swedish streaming giant collects feedback to improve user experience), it seems Spotify is finally listening.

Previously, users who hit the library cap would see the following message:

A message to Spotify: Limiting my library is a big problem

Epic collection friend. There’s no more room in Your Library. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs or albums.”

Since Spotify intensely ramped up its podcast offerings, a surge of users have been running up against the limit. While podcast likes count as individual track likes, long-running podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience have as many as thousands of individual episodes. With the cap now gone, users can like their favorite podcast episodes without worrying about running up against the Spotify library limit.

However, the Spotify 10K library limit still applies to individual playlists, which is meant to deter users from getting around the lifted ban by turning their entire music collection into one big playlist to stream. In addition, users are also still limited to Spotify’s 10K download limit across five devices for offline listening.

The change is currently rolling out across its iOS, Android, desktop, and web apps, although Spotify says some users may not see the change immediately.