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CHOMPPA’s three-track ‘Flabbergast’ EP causes a riot on Deadbeats

Adopted from Russia and raised in DC, 21-year-old Alec Goldstein is CHOMPPA. The Philadelphia-based dubstep producer is becoming a well-known staple across the North American bass scene — all, in part, thanks to a unique signature he crafts around high-end melodic sound design and bone-rattling basslines. Cementing himself a bit further, CHOMPPA now turns to Deadbeats, to release his debut EP, Flabbergast.

For all intents and purposes, CHOMPPA truly unleashes the beast on this three-track EP. Fierce, guttural bass tones and chunky drums pulse through his collection of tracks, giving new fans a sense of the range and depth within CHOMPPA’s production style.

With a perfect introduction to the EP, “Devil Dance” is a firestorm of a dubstep track with a low-slung g-funk rhythm and rambunctious bassline aerobics. As an instant fan-favorite, “Flabbergast” features a perfect collaboration between CHOMPPA and fellow heavy bass artist CVPTVGON (real name Daniel Dailey).  The duo synthesizes heavy sub-bass and gritty forward synths in such a way that the track has seen support from the likes of Crankdat.

Even amidst a scene like Phillie, where bass producers are a dime a dozen, CHOMPPA has been able to develop his very own goosebump-inducing sonic stamp in a sea of industry saturation. After releasing on SubCarbon, Drama Club Recordings, and now Zeds Dead’s noteworthy imprint, this is one newcomer that bass music fans can count on seeing play the big room someday. With 15 festivals confirmed for his debut year, all bets are on that you’ll be seeing CHOMPPA on a stage near you the moment touring returns.