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Listen to CloZee’s stunning full set from LiB DGTL

After DoLaB‘s staggeringly successful LiB DGTL event, which saw three days of eclectic music, viewers were beaming with contentment at the incredible electronic, indie, folk, experimental bass, and new world that took place over Memorial Day weekend. The weekend is normallty reserved for Lightning in a Bottle‘s annual transcendent festival, which was cancelled due to COVID-19.

One of the weekend’s pillar sets came from French glitch-hop/world producer CloZee, who has been lighting up the music community all year with her headlining Envision sets and stunning Neon Jungle virtual sets. CloZee’s arresting personality and vibrant on-stage musical presence brightens any lineup she touches—causing even the most mundane of line-ups to spring to life. Without fail, this is an artist who consistently takes her crowd on a journey-like set that’s dreamy and ethereal and yet grimy, understated yet explosive, and an all-out euphoric and overwhelmingly feel-good time.

CloZee’s latest Neon Jungle set at LiB DGTL was no exception, with its organic plant staging, use of a professional venue and lighting designer, and excellent song selection that gives new pieces of the puzzle on the road to her forthcoming LP. Her rapidly-growing fanbase are begging the CloZee camp to release the full video recording, but in the meantime, one committed fan has thankfully uploaded the entire set to SoundCloud for the masses to enjoy. The 60-minute set is brimming with CloZee hits, including her newest single, “Winter is Coming,” a downtempo record from 2018’s Evasion, “The Golden Mask,” the throwback sonic journey on “Red Forest,” a VAGO remix of her tune “Harmony,” and so mch more.

She flips between thrilling, heavy moments and the moments of intense introspection and emotion — all of which are the gateways to letting go and tearing up on the dance floor. Whether you caught her LiB set and want to relive the experience or missed CloZee entirely, listen to the one-hour set below and bask in some of the best organic and electronic instrumentation that the scene has to offer.

Featured photo: Stefan Poulos Photograpy