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Chromeo announce ‘Quarantine Cassanova’ EP, reveal hilarious tracklist

For weeks now, Chromeo have been releasing a series “quaran-tunes” much to fans’ pleasure and laughter. The Montreal duo have now announced plans to officially release an EP’s worth of the material by popular demand. Recorded entirely in lockdown, the five-track EP will boast charming titles like “‘Roni Got Me Stressed Out” and “Cabin Fever.,” which will be released alongside its instrumental tracks.

“You requested it, we did it…the Clorox Wipes are in stock! We spent the last 2 weeks recording mixing mastering our quaran-tunes and now they’re ready,” said Chromeo in an Instagram post.

Previously, the funky duo shared snippets of “Clorox Wipe” and “6 Feet Away” via Instagram. Listen to a previously released clip of “Clorox Wipe” below, where you’ll also find the EP’s tracklist. Quarantine Casanova is scheduled to land on June 5.

Quarantine Casanova Tracklist:

1. Clorox Wipe⠀
2. 6 Feet Away⠀
3. Stay In Bed (And Do Nothing)⠀
4. ‘Roni Got Me Stressed Out⠀
5. Cabin Fever ⠀