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Illenium will be giving aspiring producers feedback today on his Twitch

In an age where live music venues are shut down and IRL events have been traded for Stay At Home orders, the live stream event reigns supreme. More and more, artists are turning to virtual festivals and their personal Twitch, Discord, and YouTube channels to play from their bedrooms or studios — all in the hopes of making a buck.

Illenium has been pretty clear that he wouldn’t be hosting any live streams during quarantine in favor of working on his creative output. However, the Denver-based artist has been going online to answer fan questions, play video games, and stream his workflow process for fans.

Now, Illenium is the first electronic artist to try on a new concept for size. He is hosting a live feedback stream on his Discord channel for any aspiring producers out there who are using the quarantine to amp up their production skills and would like to get feedback on their tracks or stems. Fans can also tune into Illenium’s Twitch channel to watch him listen to the tracks live.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to give some aspiring producers honest feedback on their songs/wips,” Illenium announced over Twitter. “Feel free to send a tune in my Discord server. I’ll be listening to them on my Twitch stream on Wednesday 5/27 at 5pm PST!”

Those wishing to get feedback/advice need only submit 320kbps MP3 files (no links) in the #feedback channel of the Illenials Discord channel. Submissions will close Wednesday, May 27, at 12pm PST.