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RL Grime announces first-ever Sable Valley live stream event

RL Grime has been relatively quiet during quarantine, beyond working creatively beyond the spotlight. So too has his Sable Valley imprint, beyond Juelz‘s long-awaited High Octane EP release. However, that all changes now as the label has officially announced its “first-ever live stream event.”

The one-day event is being called “SV_Stream001: High Octane” and hardly anyone knows what to expect, other than the fact that the stream’s title matches Juelz’s EP title. One can only deduce that fans will be treated generously to sets from Juelz, RL Grime, and other Sable Valley artists. With a roster that also includes JAWNS, Cozway, Blanke, and more, the event will be one to-not-miss this weekend.

Sable Valley’s first stream is slated to take place this Saturday, May 30. However, the wording makes it sound as though RL Grime and company have intentions of the live stream running more long-term like a series. The move would certainly be a smart one considering the live stream is here to stay far beyond COVID‘s containment.

More details over the event, including line-up and schedule, are expected to follow soon. Check out the official announcement below and stay tuned for more information.