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Feed Me continues Monstercat release spree with electro kicker, ‘New Shoes’

If there’s one thing that’s certain about  Jon Gooch, known more widely as Feed Me, it’s that the English electro producer is anything but predictable. After ending the year with a surprising one-off release, Feed Me has returned with a series of singles on Monstercat. Arriving as his third Monstercat release on the year, Feed Me’s “New Shoes” is starting to reveal a pattern that looks to be shaping out as a larger, more cohesive project on the Canadian imprint.

Hot on the heels of Feed Me’s Monstercat debut, with an electro house classic called “Money, Destiny,” Feed Me quickly turned around for his second release of 2020 with “Coffee Break,” an experimental dubstep record that bounces between melodic, left-field, and bro-step. Each delivery carries its own weight in the larger arena of Feed Me’s diverse musical catalog and each further demonstrates Gooch’s versatility, range, and natural knack for genre-bending. It’s the kind of quality that earns him a seat at the table as one of electronic music’s production elite.

“New Shoes” is, for all intents and purposes, about buying and wearing new shoes, at least according to the UK artist’s recent tweet. The track begins with a smooth vocoder melody that knocks the song somewhere into the ballpark of Haywyre’s glitchy, soulful tones, before moving into the kind of funky breakdown that is signature to Monstercat. After a spacey bridge that calls Feed Me’s trademark horns and rising chords up to the plate, “New Shoes” drops into a hard rock electric guitar breakdown that knocks it out of the park. Feed Me rides this wave all the way until the song’s final inning.

Gooch kicked off 2019 with the release of his High Street Creeps LP through mau5trap, which made the cut for CE‘s Top Albums of 2019 shortlist. Given the way the wind is blowing towards Monstercat, and how Feed Me’s new style and direction fit like a glove on the label, fans can safely start getting their feathers ruffled over the high plausibility that Gooch’s next project will arrive sooner rather than later.

Photo credit: Rukes.