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Instagram rolls out new 90-second live stream cap to prevent copyright infringement

There has already been a lot of irritation surrounding Instagram posts and stories being taken down due to copyright issues. Instagram is now announcing a rule that will allow users to post up to 90 seconds of copyrighted tracks on livestreams without putting them at risk for being taken down.

c/o Instagram

A notification will pop up around the 90-second mark to warn streamers to stop the stream or risk it getting taken down. This new rule is solely to maintain an agreement with the rights holders, according to Instagram in a recent statement. The Facebook-owned social media company has also decided to now share some of the general guidelines that their users must follow, although the details of these specific licensing agreements are strictly confidential.

The new implementation will not limit or affect anyone that has music on their story or anyone who wants to record brief moments in live musical performances, just users taking part in longer livestreams.

Of course, the current age of social distancing has seen many DJs, producers, and performers take to the live stream format to entertain their fans. However, these sets usually last for an hour or more and contain music owned by record labels with strict copyright laws placed on the tracks. The purpose of the new measure is to prevent any copyright infringement from happening on the Instagram platform.

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