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SHADES remixes Ivy Lab on 20/20 LDN Recordings

SHADES takes Ivy Lab’s ‘Cake’ deep into the abyss with unrelenting remix

Since their smoldering debut album with 2018’s In Praise of Darkness, the super duo pairing of Alix Perez and EPROM have made a name for themselves among the heavy bass elite. Known among the underground bass world as SHADES, the powerhouse unit has been able to push out sounds that push listeners into the deepest depths of their minds and push them to their edge. After dropping off their bleak follow-up EP last year, SHADES now returns with official remix duties for an equally dark and dangerous group, Ivy Lab.

Taking on Ivy Lab’s heavyweight electro anthem, “Cake,” SHADES have effectively turned this celebrated bass anthem into a lethal low-end weapon that takes no prisoners. Characterized by ominous textures, extreme low tempo grit, heavily glitched-out tones, and distorted low-end bass, SHADES’ take both pays respect to the original and turns “Cake” into one of their most foreboding soundscapes yet. The result is one unrelenting remix that underground bass aficionados will not soon forget.

Stream SHADES’ remix of “Cake” below, out now on Ivy Lab’s 20/20 LDN Recordings.