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Claude VonStroke & Marc Houle team up on double-sided Dirtybird release, ‘Fly Guy’

Claude VonStroke and Marc Houle have known each other for over 25 years. The one constant running throughout the foundation of their friendship has been music. With the Dirtybird don growing up in Detroit and Houle just across the river in Windsor, the two buddies got their kicks off of trading software and sample CDs with each other. While they never really made music together until now, both went on individual journeys and each has achieved the highest level of success in their genre.

“Fly Guy” is the new collaboration between old friends, out now on Dirtybird Records. Marc sent over an old file that Claude loved, but they both realized it needed to be updated to 2020. The track references back to an older, funkier techno vibe they both love, while updating the production and adding a couple of winks in the process. It’s the ideal combination of Marc’s stripped-down, propelling techno brain and the production funk of Claude. Clearly, you can hear the influence of their early days in the midwest reflected throughout.

To compliment the collaboration and to lend further support of longtime friendship, Claude also doles out a b-side remix of Marc’s “Arizona.” The taken from Houle’s 2020 artist album, No One Knows, that originally came out on his home label, Item & Things.