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SLANDER, Jason Ross, & JT Roach combine strengths on soothing heaven trap collab, ‘Better Than Heaven’

As the pioneers of their “heaven trap” genre that has won hearts over for years, Derek Andersen and Scott Land of SLANDER have always been at the forefront of the “feel good” melodic movement. While the headlining act has taken steps into different directions over the past few years—in efforts to align their sounds with the euphoric stamps of Illenium, Seven Lions, Said The Sky, and even NGHTMRE‘s dirtier style—their latest joint effort signals a return to their earlier roots.

To do this, SLANDER has called on a fellow Los Angeles-based producer, Jason Ross of Anjunabeats and Ophelia, on their newest single, “Better Than Heaven.” SLANDER debuted the show-stopping track on one of the United States’ largest NYE stages, Decadence Colorado, which instantly captured the attention of thousands who were drawn to the amazing synergy on the track. The trifecta even enlisted the charismatic vocals of JT Roach, who was previously commissioned by SLANDER on their Said The Sky collaboration, “Potions,” an instant hit which recently saw a beautiful remix package.

Not only is “Better Than Heaven” is a testament to SLANDER’s talent for crafting the mellowed out trap aesthetic that once made them popular, the move brings back an air of nostalgia that nods to the days of 2012-2015 dance music. Not to mention, the track perfectly suits Ross’ more progressive, trance-oriented style as seen on his latest album, 1000 Faces. The collaboration made for a highly-anticipated record that fans are delighted to finally see in its final release.