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Slander and Said The Sky’s ‘Potions’ soars to new heights on remix pack

Hard to believe that Slander and Said The Sky released their budding “Potions” collaboration last May. A love ballad, to be sure, “Potions” would become one of the top dance music tracks of the year and even received a gorgeous acoustic release. Nearly one year later, the feel-good musical triad have turned to Monstercat for a stellar remix package of the track.

Considering “Potions” perfectly blended Said The Sky’s melodic future bass with SLANDER’s anthemic sound, mustering up a remix that would be as stand-out as its original. Thankfully, they’ve enlisted a battalion of melodic’s best producers for the cause, including Au5, William Black, Blanke, TYNAN, and more. From standout cuts like Stonebank‘s soaring dubby take and Danny Olson‘s cinematic reimagination to Eliminate‘s synth-heavy cut and Mazare‘s anthemic drum-n-bass touch-up, there’s so many feel-good remixes that the project soars to a new height of its own.