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Somatoast ventures into psytrance territory in newest Shanti Planti contribution, ‘Fig Tree of Imagination’

As a music collective of “spirit uplifting” midtempo bass music, Shanti Planti has recently put out their annual compilation, Rhythm Code 5 Compilation. The 19-track album features one CE favorite that we’ve been missing for a while now. Somatoast, whose fresh off the release of his Thicc Magicc EP, has tailored a standout psybass tune that fuses ancient eastern rhythms with futuristic glitches and basslines.

Somatoast’s contribution to the compilation, “Fig Tree of Imagination,” stands as the perfect encapsulation of his experimental, left-field bass style. The Austin-based producer’s five-minute journey begins in chill, ambient land before venturing into stark psytrance territory. Featuring mellow percussion, crisp tones, bubble sheen textures, and acoustic strings, the track takes a turn for the high-tempo highlands when he makes a move toward an energetic vibration that somehow still remains chill and yet pulsatingly heavy.

Landing on Shanti Planti’s fifth installment of Rhythm Code, the song is one of 19 tracks that explore “the global psychedelic soundscape,” with fellow contributors Mindex, Ekforce, and more. Shanti Planti is a conscious music label whose mission falls right in line with CE‘s mission — to invoke healing vibrations to the mind, body, and soul.