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Seven Lions announces ‘Tailgate series: A park ‘n rave event’

After spending five months away from live audiences on the road, Seven Lions has taken countless opportunities to show his deep love for his fanbase. Whether it was his Visions live stream series, his jaw-dropping EDCLV Virtual Rave-A-Thon set, or the countless Twitch streams hosted weekly from his home in Seattle, Jeff Montalvo has been no stranger to the webcam. In the latest exciting Seven Lions news, the melodic producer’s next step is hosting a two-day “park ‘n rave” event at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona.

The event, which will be produced in part by Insomniac and Arizona’s Relentless Beats, is scheduled to take place in just two weekends, from June 26 through 27. The event arrives as “drive-in” style shows are gaining momentum, despite the growing skepticism around how to properly implement these events while maintaining social distance and safe driving practices afterward. Disco Donnie did receive some backlash after announcing their Houston-based event, No Parking on the Dancefloor. Still, their obvious historical parallels to the drive-in movies of yesteryear make them an intriguing alternative to the packed-out, sometimes over-sold standing-only shows that would be taking place inside a crowded, shoulder-to-shoulder music venue.

The new concept is certainly gaining steam in lieu of the live stream events that have been experiencing over-saturation and some widespread fan fatigue as of late. No word has been given on the supporting line-up for the event, but stay tuned for the latest on all things Sevens Lions. Tickets can be purchased here.