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GRiZ & Wreckno’s pro-LGBT collaboration lands next week

Grant Kwiecinski (aka GRiZ) has become EDM’s gay poster boy — not because its the “cool thing” to do, but because GRiZ was actually one of bass music’s first openly gay, headlining producers. Not to mention, he’s done critical things for LGBT visibility in an overly straight-white-male-dominated industry. Kwiecinski’s messages of self-love, mixed with his charitable drive to donate to pro-LGBT youth organizations, has upheld dance music’s core value of inclusiveness time and again.

GRiZ is now joined by unabashedly gay bass music producer Wreckno, a swift up-and-comer from the Michigan bass music circuit, is stepping in to say, “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” Wreckno, who runs around his Indianapolis hometown as Brandon Wisinski, has taken the underground heavy bass movement by storm since 2019’s DejaVoom. Along the way, he’s even earned the attention of Bassnectar, who is proudly vocal about spotlighting brazenly open gay talent. 

The two recently announced their high-profile collaboration, “Medusa,” and now they’ve announced an official release date. The track, which can be previewed here, was debuted as a track ID at Room Service Music Festival a few months ago. The song’s mission? In GRiZ’s words, to “give kids struggling w their sexuality songs to feel like being queer is cool.”

“Medusa” puts out a high-energy vibration that encourages listeners to get off their feet and step onto the dance floor. The track perfectly balances GRIZ’s anthemic soulful style with Wreckno’s “bussy” bass lines and undeniable hip-hop vocals that stick out like a sassy Missy Elliot line. The highly-anticipated track will arrive next Thursday, June 25, according to a recent message GRiZ blasted out to his fanbase. The day will be a huge moment for dance music history, to be sure.

Pre-save “Medusa” on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal.

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