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Griz and Wreckno have a collab in the works [WATCH]

Michigan born, Denver residing producer GRiZ (real name Grant Richard Kwiecinski) has become so much more than a headlining DJ and producer to many: he’s also an LGBT icon in the dance music community. Kwiecinski has been on a roll over the last few weeks, creating new music and dropping one incredible, saucy live stream after another. His talent and charisma on and off the stage have made him a beloved figure in music, and he gives back to his fans with love in a way that shows true dedication to his mission.

His most recent set during Room Service Music Festival was just as funky and electric as any other. It garnered some special attention, though, due to a filthy brand new opening track with an up-and-coming producer Wreckno. The two have a lot in common: both Michigan born and bred, both queer, and both well respected in the bass scene. Their new song is a perfect blend of their styles, combining GRiZ’s soulful funk and hip-hop hybrid with Wreckno’s hip-moving sass and “bussy bass.” The track has a flawlessly layered, LGBT-proud rap thrown down over a beat best described as wiggly and dirty. While the new number doesn’t have a release date yet, GRiZ also used this set to premiere a handful of other new tunes, building hype for his next Bangers.Zip release which is sure to be just as groovy as the previous four.