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Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge Virtual Rave-A-Thon announced

When Beyond Wonderland announced its return to the Pacific Northwest (to effectively replace Paradiso) earlier in the year, fans were filled to the brim with excitement to see a bonafide Insomniac event at The Gorge. When the event was fresh off its massive line-up deliverance back in March, COVID then effectively shut down the live music industry. While organizers were hopeful in pushing Nocturnal Wonderland PNW to May, the company was forced to postpone as the pandemic only worsened globally.

Thankfully, beloved raver, dance music lifer, and superhero CEO Pasquale Rotella had already been hunkering down on a new form of live stream entertainment to replace his global line of expertly produced festivals under the Insomniac Events banner. Thus, the Virtual Rave-A-Thon was born out of InsominacTV‘s already-burgeoning live stream infrastructure set up across Twitch and YouTube. The Rave-A-Thon eliminated in the promotional giant’s flagship event, EDC Las Vegas, and while the production featured the most technically sophisticated set-up to date, it could have never lived up to the jaw-dropping spectacle that is experiencing the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the wee hours of the night.

Now, Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge is joining the long list of Insomniac events to take to the Rave-A-Thon format. The event, which takes the place of the event’s original June 20-21 weekend, has not yet released a line-up. However, considering how Beyond Wonderland’s return to its former glory was already dominating headlines (more so that EDC, perhaps even) Insomniac headliners would be remised to think Rotella and the entire Insomniac team aren’t out to one-up themselves further. Stay tuned for a full line-up announcement later this week.

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