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Malbis channels vibrations of togetherness and inspiration on ‘Acoustic Hypnotica’ [Premiere]

Malbis is the bass music project of Will Davis, who comes out of the hotbed underground bass scene in the Deep South. With one of the country’s hubs for the movement being centered in Atlanta, Davis comes from another side of the tracks in small-town Fairhope, Alabama. his moniker, Malbis, is actually an area around Fairhope. “It’ not a city or a town, just an area with things to do,” says Davis. “Ergo, ‘What’s a Malbis?'”

Malbis SH 26

Malbis has certainly been making waves over the course of his short career. He has released music on Mean Mug, Fosters of Frequencies, and Positive Collaborations and has opened for ill.Gates, Mize, Hullaboo, Zebbler Encanti Experience, and more. Most recently, he appeared on the Sound Haven line-up for the second year in a row, although it was recently postponed until October. The newly-minted festival has an eye for scouting rising underground bass talent, which is why we’re thrilled to premiere Malbis’ newest track, “Acoustic Hypnotica.”

The track is an experimental journey through space and time by using positive energy, low frequencies, and vibrations of togetherness and inspiration. Characterized by left-field low-ends, twinkling acoustics, calming wubs, chill percussion, and a unique repetitive synth that guides the song along, “Acoustic Hypnotica” actually stands as a representative marker for Malbis’ unique bass music stamp. It’s a sound which he says is inspired by the music of Pretty Lights, Pink Floyd, Flying Lotus, and Tash Sultana.

“The emotional connection and physical, mental, and spiritual benefit I receive while listening to music,” he tells CE, “brings a unique perspective of life that makes me comfortable and confident in myself when I listen to music and make music.”

When asked what inspired him to start making music, Malbis actually hits the nail on the head with his response. He says there’s a certain “freedom and nonjudgment associated with music” and an unbridled “sense of community with music” that gives him his drive an inspiration to produce.

Listen to Malbis’ “Acoustic Hypnotica” now.