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Bass newcomer Elderbass steps straight into the ‘UNDRGRND’ on deeply low-end experimental cut

For those who may not know him, Elderbass is Los Angeles-based artist, Connor Elder. The 22-year-old producer has a strong admiration for bass music, ranging from bass house to dubstep in its many forms. His style of music embodies a deep and intricate sound design with a crisp bassline across all of his productions. Elderbass’ career is still very much in its infancy but with his recent release of his 2020 Showcase and his newest single, “UNDRGRND,” he’s gearing up to establish himself in the bass community.

“UNDRGRND” has every experimental bass element we’ve come to love: Ominous tones, complex beat work, blighty synth stabs, and off-kilter sound design. The track pulls listeners in immediately with its cinematic draw, before moving into a heavily experimental terrain with its lack of melodic structure, intriguing synth work, and paralyzing low ends, and drops that draw you into slow, low moving submission.

Still very much on the rise, Elderbass has gained attention from established artists like TYNAN and PEEKABOO while receiving support from up and coming producers like Matt Doe, CHOMPPA, and many more. This is one bass music artist every bass music aficionado should keep on their radar.