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CloZee – Secret Place (Josh Teed Remix)

Last week was the week of CloZee. The French world-bass producer released her sophomore album, Neon Jungle, on Friday, July 3, after a stunning live stream release party with Android Jones Microdose VR visuals. Now rising world-bass producer and Taiga Collective founder Josh Teed wants to extend CloZee’s reign into this week. He’s just released a stunning remix of CloZee’s “Secret Place,” the second track from her 2017 Harmony EP.

The anthemic track has become a staple of CloZee’s sets with its organic tones, angelic repeating vocal melody, and signature drop. Josh Teed has re-imagined “Harmony into something all his own, trading in CloZee’s signature elements for a few of his own, including glitchy drops, halftime breakdowns, squelching synth work, and more. Teed even adds in his own strings section (watch the video below to see him playing the live violin to the track). It’s an essential remix track for Teed, who is clearly making himself align with the Goddess of Glitch. For good reason, too, seeing as how CloZee is the current reigning leader of the world-bass movement.