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GRiZ and Wreckno bravely come forward as victims of sexual abuse

Together, GRiZ and Wreckno have done great things for the LGBTQIA movement, especially during Pride Month. Their recent collaboration, “Medusa,” is being lauded as the gay anthem of the decade. So, what looked like a coordinated effort, the two made July Fourth announcements on being extremely young and in sexual relationships with men more than double their age.

“Thinking back on it is scarring,” said GRiZ. “I have grown a lot since. The power – age – dynamic was something I thought I was mature enough for…but definitely was not. Power and peace to the victims.”

While the two out-and-proud gay men made sure to convey that the relationships were consensual, they reiterated that they were inappropriate and “technically rape.” The point of the statements was to align with the victims of sexual abuse, letting them know they are not alone, while also spotlighting that sexual manipulation is not mutually exclusive to female victims.

“My intentions with making this post are for anyone out there that is struggling with he pain of choices they made in the past,” said Wreckno, “or for anyone that is currently in a situation like this that they’ve normalized in their heads.”

The announcements came one day after Bassnectar made his announcement that he was stepping down from his post as the leader of his music movement. The decision was made based on multiple allegations that surfaced against the bass music mogul proving he was often engaging sexually with young adults—all female, all consenting, but some minors, which is considered statutory rape in some states.