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Madeon and EARTHGANG give a hip-hop reboot to ‘Good Faith’ track, ‘No Fear No More’

Madeon‘s sophomore album, Good Faith, was without a doubt one of the highlights of 2019. So much so that CE even named it our Top Album of the Year. Now the future pop phenom is harkening back to simpler times by revisiting the album’s seventh track, “No Fear No More,” alongside hip-hop duo EARTHGANG, who recently collaborated with Louis The Child on their debut album, Here for Now.

Bouncy, soulful, and laced with positive lyrics, the producer and hip-hop act take an already-awe-inspiring production to soaring new heights. EARTHGANG gives the remix the vocal overhaul it deserves. The lyrics are about finding the strength to believe in one’s self, aiming high, and shooting for one’s dreams: “We want to give people the strength to believe in themselves and their dreams no matter what,” EARTHGANG said of the track.

“EARTHGANG have been doing amazing things for a while now, they’re one of the most creative acts around,” Madeon said about collaborating with the duo. “I’m so excited they joined me on ‘No Fear No More’, their contribution is more than I could have imagined, and has brought an entirely new dimension to the song.”

While Good Faith was widely released on Columbia Records, the new remix is a fully independent release by the collaborators themselves.