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Kygo and The Weeknd are looking to collaborate, according to Beats 1 Radio interview

Less than a month after releasing his latest album, Golden Hour, Norwegian tropical house tycoon Kygo became the newest featured guest on Zane Lowe‘s At Home interview series. The show, hosted on Apple Music‘s Beats 1, saw Lowe and Kygo discuss a number of topics in their video chat together—from Kygo’s previous albums, recent tracks, and more. Among the items discussed, the producer confirmed he has been going back and forth on potential collaboration ideas with The Weeknd.

“I would love to make sound with The Weeknd,” Kygo told Lowe. “We’ve been jamming before. I really hope that will happen one day. Actually, we were in a studio jamming. But we got to figure it out if that’s the song we can make another one.”

It’s not the first time the two chart-topping artists have crossed paths. The two stars have been spotted together before, just hanging out. Kygo was even tapped for official tropical treatments of The Weeknd’s “Often” and “Starboy.” So a proper collaboration seems like only a matter of time if they can get their two styles of music to converge.

Listen to the clip of the interview below and watch the complete one-on-one here.

Photo credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images.