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Earth Tonez live stream showcases talented underground artists, flow artists, and VJs [Event Review]

Photo Credit: Katerina Bisbikis.

Earlier this year, quarantine saw a bass-centric live stream known as Digital Empire. The two-day event was thrown together by Bass Boss Records artist manager Natalie Wood. Her intention was to put something together that could include all of the artists under her management as well as friends. It quickly became a team effort and, in a short amount of time, they were able to successfully pull it off.

The event had such an incredible turnout, in fact, that many underground artists had the chance to showcase their work and gain appreciation. Not only did it give them a platform, but that platform was shared with several hardworking VJs and flow artists who have been honing in on their crafts during this time inside. All of the proceeds from Digital Empire were donated to #SaveOurSmash. Part two of this event is in the making, so stay tuned for more details.

This weekend wasn’t much different. The three-day event, Earth Tonez, was brought to Twitch by Kouch Kollective and The Empire. It highlighted many of those same incredibly talented DJs, VJs, and flow artists, as well as some new ones. It was beautiful to watch all of these people find a way to come together again, while still remaining physically apart, to create something so special not for themselves but for others.

The way that it incorporated the music in with the flow arts and the visuals was astonishing. EZBZ, Hizzuk, Sky Suite, Wood.Wurks, Shatter, FeelMonger, and Ginseng all made appearances again as well as the some of the artists that so gracefully flowed for them — ShaelynSpins, Mads, katoflows, RooFlows, dubkeks, 3EyedEli, just to name a few. VJT, The Vizard, KellyFin, and a few others were in charge of visuals for the weekend, finding fun ways to incorporate the flow arts into them.

Mistah Dill, a very talented rising bass producer who performed with Dotti’s flow mixed into The Vizard’s visuals had said right after his set, “I think once live shows start back up again for real, I’m really gonna continue to incorporate flow artists into my set visuals. There’s just something about the human body in a flow state.”

It was clear that so much time, effort, and energy were poured into the making of this event. The whole weekend was purely to have fun at the crosshairs between live art and turn artforms into something that others could enjoy too. All of the proceeds from Earth Tonez were donated to BTFA Collective, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping black trans femmes in the arts.

Natalie Wood has made it clear that the passion, motivation, and inspiration found from within the creation of these events is going to continue to be a driving force. This is only the beginning.