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GriZ teases funky dubstep collaboration in the works with Ganja White Night

GRiZ (Grant Kwiecinski) has been on top of the world lately, and it’s not just because of his happy-go-lucky attitude or his shining personality. The Denver-based future funk pioneer is hot off the heels of his new Pride Month collaboration with Wreckno or the fact that he’s been an indisputable force in the quarantine live stream game. GRiZ’s newest source of light comes from his sheer excitement over an impending Ganja White Night collaboration. It’s the kind of excitement that can’t be contained in Grant’s contagious smile, either, but had to be shared virally over his socials.

GRiZ recently took to his Instagram to tease the beginnings of his new joint with the Belgian tribal/riddim masters. While it’s still early in the studio game, and there’s no release date in sight, the ID-track seems to be perfectly balanced between GRiZ’s light-hearted funk-step with plenty of room for Ganja White Night’s signature dubstep production. From what can be deduced from the video clip, the track doesn’t seem to have any trace GWN elements quite yet. At the very least, though, GRiZ looks like he’s having the most fun in the studio.

GRiZ is a bonafide hype-master online and a tastemaker in the studio, so anytime he takes his work to the interwebs, there’s bound to be the center of plenty of talk-of-the-town. Take a listen to the sneak peek now.

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