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Wubaholics Viskus & southgate. join forces on 8-bit experimental cut, ‘Sumthin’ Hot’

Underground tracks are like little hidden gems. Not many things compare to finding one in the depths of SoundCloud. However, there is always the off-chance a track is so filthy that it begs to be shining in the spotlight. This is exactly the case with “Sumthin’ Hawt,” a new collaborative joint from two Spicy Bois favorites, Viskus and Southgate. , who have recently turned to Wubaholics Collective on the release.

For anyone who happens to be looking for some head-splitting wubs, “Sumthin’ Hawt” delivers on that front. Straight from the underground, this new collaboration hits just right with its feast paced 8-bit synth world, heavy sawtooth synth work, undulating bass builds, and relentlessly zany drops. These two bass wizards slapped together a nasty wobble that would make any heavy bass aficionado start jamming. 

Viskus & southgate. – Sumthin’ Hawt

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