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Rising star French Original releases slow-burning house heater, ‘History’

On the heels of his already highly-successful remix of deadmau5 and The Neptunes‘ “Pomegranate,” which has amassed over 400,000 streams, French Original returns to the limelight with his brand new single, “History.” The French-born producer has aspired to become a pop sensation from a young age. In addition to songwriting and producing, French Original‘s musical prowess also extends to various instruments. He’s collaborated with artists like The Vamps, Plan B, Connor Maynard, and Madison Beer. “History” lands as a song with a dedication to someone close in his life.

“I wrote this song after talking with a friend who kept finding herself being drawn back into a bad relationship,” says French Original on the track. “It’s really about how physical attraction and the intoxication of it can drag you back down a path of pain, something I think many of us can identify with.”

A slow-burning house heater, French Original takes his signature sound and wraps it up into “History.” Sultry sweet vocals laid atop a smooth back sound showcases French Original’s innate dexterity as a producer climbing the ranks. Made for the summer months, “History” emulates a warm and resonating atmosphere. Listen below.

French Original – History

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