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Dank Frank and CVPTVGON release heavy dose of ‘Willy Wonka Wobble’ via Boogie T’s Drama Club

If there’s one producer that deserves any recognition on the growing roster of rising bass artists in the scene, then CVPTVGON (real name Dan Dailey) definitely earns a place on that list. The Nevada-based artist constantly delivers insane tracks packed with filthy sounds. Every single one of them are as wrought with perfection as they are mind-numbingly heavy.

Now, the wicked producer has doubled down by releasing a redo of “Willy Wonka Wobble.” The original collaboration with Dank Frank already smacks harder than Vasily Kamotsky, the face slapping champion of Russia. The joint effort, which is out now on Boogie T’s Drama Club Recordings, might leave some listeners spun and or geeked out. 

Regardless, a ruptured eardrum here and there never hurt anyone, so something this wonky merits a lot of praise. The production pair are absolute mad lads for producing a redo with this level of consummate bass. The noise alone could potentially superglue the artist to the top of the Missing Links Collective. 

Dank Frank & CVPTVGON – Willy Wonka Wobble


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