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Stream Bronson’s breathtaking self-titled debut album

Photo credit: Gian Galang.

Much to eager fan anticipation, ODESZA and Australian electronic powerhouse Golden Features have been building up the release of Bronson‘s self-titled debut studio album project throughout quarantine. The supergroup side project has been decidedly darker than anything they’ve managed to do in their own retrospective solo careers. That all comes to a culmination today, and in timely fashion considering our current age, in their release of Bronson.

Out on Foreign Family Collective and Ninja Tune, the 10-track album touches on themes of finding the light in a dark tunnel, human perseverance in the face of personal strife, and music as the penultimate escape from reality.

“Perseverance is definitely the word we use as the theme for the record as we were about halfway through and we kind of really started to discover what it really felt like,” ODESZA’s Mills says. “A lot of the music is really driving, because it just feels like pushing through [and] continuing to push forward.”

The trio, comprised of Harrison Mills, Clayton Knight and Tom Stell, has much larger things in store for Bronson once the pandemic lockdowns pass. Stay tuned for many exciting things on the horizon for Bronson.



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