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Luminyst and Ravenscoon combine talents on eerie Orwellian bass gem, ‘Darkness’

Luminyst (formerly SLAVE) and Ravenscoon are two rising bass stars that have been turning heads in the underground scene during quarantine. Both have been featured separately on CE‘s Rising Bass Spotlight for their boundary-pushing styles and both are now joining forces supremely beautiful bass gem. The track, titled “Darkness,” is a five-minute cut that cuts deep into the soul.

“Darkness” comes at a time when darkness subsumes the country and the world. In the current historical moment where a worsening pandemic and an authoritarian US president set the stage for an upcoming election where democracy is on the ballot, the song feels almost Orwellian. Yet, there is true beauty in the darkness here. Gorgeous melodies and pulsating rhythms underscore hypnotic beat work and eerie sound design as the dynamic duo string listeners deeper into an arp-filled abyss. The track is a complete tease and well worth the release. In short, “Darkness” is stark and sexy and will have you edging toward the breaking point.

SLAVE & Ravenscoon – Darkness

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