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Porter Robinson celebrates six years of ‘Worlds’ with unreleased live edit of ‘Shepherdess’

Featured photo: Rukes.

An astonishing six years have passed since the release of Porter Robinson‘s influential album Worlds dropped, which cemented his status as a major figure in the dance music scene. To celebrate, he has blessed fans with an official release of his single “Shepherdess” (also known as “She Heals Everything”), a song first played two years after the album debut.

The track has been difficult to hunt down in the past, with the only quality plays being found on limited edition Worlds vinyls. Now though, the genre-bending, six minute song can be found on all streaming services to enjoy. It starts off light, featuring a characteristic Porter intro and a heavenly ascension of a build up, which brings forth a wealth of emotions before shifting into overdrive with an eccentric bass and glitch mix. His older sound blends solidly with the cadence of his newer tracks in “Shepherdess,” demonstrating he knows how to inspire nostalgia while also keeping things fresh.

In a final bit of good news, Porter took to Twitter to announce that in another four years, on Worlds’ fourth anniversary, another single will be dropping– “Hollowheart.” If it’s anything like “Shepherdess,” it’s sure to become another beloved Porter Robinson classic to join the rest.

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