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Enter Elevate 808 Designs’ raffle to save Denver’s The Black Box

Photo credit: JV Photography.

Denver’s infamous bass-centric venue, The Black Box, has not been immune to the tough times due to the restrictions from COVID-19. That’s why Elevate 808 Designs is hosting a raffle to support the independent, underground operation, with all of the proceeds from raffle purchases will be going directly to the venue.

The Black Box is a refuge from the every day, a home for experimentation and heartfelt emotion. Their mission is simple, they are here to move people thru sound. They host a wide range of genres, allowing patrons from all walks to experience the power of music on a proper sound system. The dual room venue is fully equipped with the powerful, state-of-the-art Basscouch Sound consisting of a Tannoy, Funktion-One, and Othorn combination. A haven for artists, audiophiles, and partygoers alike, The Black Box is headquarters for Colorado’s underground music community.

As independent venues like The Black Box face the highly likely possibility of foreclosure due to the ongoing pandemic and the US government’s failure to agree on a new relief bill, raffles like these are vital toward keeping the live music underground thriving.

Enter the raffle here.

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  • Game-ready quality jersey material with embroidered, stitch and twill chest logo, numbers, name, and shoulder patches.
  • Each $10 entry gets you (1) entry into the raffle. Buying multiple quantities of $10 donations will get you that number of entries in the raffle.
  • You may enter as many times as you wish to increase the chances of winning this jersey.