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Legendary Armada Music label rumored to host i_o’s new imprint, 444

Since early 2020, i_o has released many exciting EPs like AM 444, NRG 444, or Revolution with Raito, all in the midst of rocking his industrial fanbase with a few live-stream performances including Insomniac’s Virtual Rave-A-Thon or Acid Rave. Known to jump flawlessly between main stage festival slots and smaller underground raves, i_o always keeps his audience at the edge of their seats by crafting explosive musical journeys through a unique combination of floor bangers and underground gems.

With such an incredible repertoire, it’s no surprise to see that the underground rising star has partnered with Armada—not only for a new single, “In My Head,” to be released on September 18—but also for a new satellite imprint, Label 444, spearheaded by i_o. According to a recent Armada announcement, Label 444 will serve as an outlet for i_o’s darker sounds and is set for a trajectory launch in 2021.

As we wait for more information about his collaboration with Armada, take a moment to enjoy his latest Acid Rave virtual warehouse party.

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