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JamL releases an unexpected bass treat, ‘Stuntin on Em’

Rising from within the burgeoning bass scene in Philadelphia, JamL (short for Just another music Lover) is the namesake of Billy Hambridge. He brings a wide range of sounds and styles to his productions and DJ sets. Armed with a sloth of heavy, crunching synth patterns, broken beats, spaced-out samples, and slippery basslines. JamL’s sound is dubstep meets electro meets trap, with a headbanger flair. Now the young experimentalist has released an off-the-cuff tune as a special reward to his followers.

“Stuntin On Em” is a melodic, chill track with smooth, soulful beats and bass-fueled breakdowns sprinkled as unlikely treats throughout. Complete with cool piano progressions, brassy bridges, and cool vocal samples, the track dips into some heavier bass stylings as JamL plays with vocoder frequencies, spacey synth work, and glitched-out distortions. “This one’s special to me,” says JamL. “I’ve never written anything like this or anything so harmonious. I’d say it’s a huge step in the direction forward in music and that’s an amazing feeling to have.”

Listen below and stay tuned to more exciting tracks on the near horizon from JamL.


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