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Anjuna darling Mat Zo shares fourth LP single, ‘Colours’ ft. Olan

The single comes from Zo’s upcoming studio album, Illusion Of Depth, due out October 9.

More new Mat Zo is coming down the pipelines right on schedule. The Anjunabeats favorite has just released the next single from his upcoming third studio album, out next month. Following the release of previous album singles, “The Next Chapter,” “Love Songs,” and “Problems,” the fourth track addition is another look at one of the year’s most-anticipated album releases. A quintessential Mat Zo creation, “Colours” sees the Grammy-nominated producer team up once again with Atlanta-based musician Luzana Flores, who records as Olan.  

“‘Problems’ started as a loop inspired by some old Foster the People songs. Mat directed the arrangement to a really cool place with more contrast and country-pop elements I wasn’t used to but really enjoyed,” Olan says in a press statement. “The lyrics were about this girl I was seeing at the time and my appreciation for feeling understood by someone in a romantic sense that really came out of the blue. That relationship ended very shortly after, but listening back to the song now feels good. I think it’s cool to have a rare but tangible expression of trust in someone that’s playful and bubbly.”

Mat broke onto the scene in 2008 and has been causing an uproar ever since. In the early noughties, he penned Anjunabeats classics, “The Lost” and “Synapse Dynamics,” two tracks which are now considered far ahead of their time. Zo’s Grammy-nominated debut album, 2013’s Damage Control, gave his avant-garde approach to production its full expression. Featuring break-out hit, “Easy,” with close friend Porter Robinson, the track took Mat mainstream.

Since then, Mat has been nurturing new talent within his own stable, Mad Zoo, where he self-released his second LP in 2016, Self Assemble. Mat’s imprint has developed a new generation of eclectic, genre-agnostic creators. He’s always stayed close with Anjunabeats, joining Above & Beyond for shows at Madison Square Garden and Huntington Beach and at Anjunabeats label showcases around North America.  

Stay tuned for Zo’s Illusion of Depth this October, which will mark his third full-length effort over seven years.

Mat Zo – Colours

Illusion Of Depth Tracklist:

  1. I Media Res 
  2. Love Songs 
  3. The Next Chapter feat. GQ
  4. Problems feat. Olan 
  5. Bruxism 
  6. Fly While You’re Still Free 
  7. Petrushka 
  8. Dangerous Feeling
  9. Colours feat. Olan
  10. Paralysis fat. Olan 
  11. Begin Again 

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