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Pioneer DJ unveils the CDJ-3000

Since 2009, Pioneer has been the top choice for professional DJ equipment. Specifically, its flagship multiplayer, the CDJ-2000NXS2, revolutionized the way DJs go about mixing across the world’s biggest stages. Now Pioneer will be closing out the year with the most advanced piece of DJ equipment they’ve developed: The CDJ-3000.

The CDJ-3000 will feature a new MPU (micro-processing unit), which will allow for a better UX, meaning greater speed when loading tracks. Plus, it will include hot cue buttons, beat jump buttons, an 8-Loop button, which will allow for the creation of polyrhythmic loops. The MPU’s sheer processing power will essentially give Pioneer the capacity to introduce more features in future updates.

Other additions include a new, nine-inch touch screen that will be the largest and highest resolution screen to date. The screen will include an intuitive user interface that displays the playhead position, album artwork, added controls, shortcuts, and preview options. These improvements will enable rapid track selection like never seen before.

In addition, the new model will boast a Gigabit Ethernet connection for Pro DJ Link, meaning audio files can be shared and played via USBs and SD cards on up to six CDJ-3000s (when combined with the DJM-V10).

The CDJ-3000 is available now for approximately $2,500. Learn more about the new hardware here. For more information, visit Pioneer DJ’s website. Watch the official CDJ-3000 introduction video below.