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iSorin brings wave to Electric Hawk Records with ‘Dissociate’

Wave music is certainly making a comeback right now and Electric Hawk Records has their finger on the pulse. Up next in the release queue from the newly-minted imprint is iSorin, a newcomer out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who has just released “Dissociate.” The three-and-a-half-minute number is an upbeat, bass-heavy track while still being super melodic. This celestial bass track is similar to past tracks fans may have heard from iSorin’s growing catalogue, but this one comes with a harder twist. 

“The inspiration for this one was from listening to a twitch stream near the beginning of lockdown in April I’m pretty sure,” says iSorin on the inspiration for the track. “There were so many streams happening and I was getting so inspired by all the talented artists I was hearing. Most people who know my music know I make wave, so I wanted to step outside the box for this one and try something different with a much faster tempo.”

“Dissociate” begins with a simple melody, before piling on those signature deep synths that electronic music fans know and love about wave tracks. iSorin amps up the track with a percussion heavily inspired by early 2000s rap/hip-hop beats, rounding out a track that gives listeners the perfect boost of energy. Ambient vocals add a layer of mystery and intrigue as iSorin tethers back-and-forth between glitchy synths, melodious chords, and murky basslines. This one will not let you down.

iSorin – Dissociate [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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