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Klangkuenstler takes a journey to heaven’s gates on new industrial techno EP, ‘Himmelreich’

Berlin-based artist Klangkuenstler returns with an explosive new single as the fifth release under his own label, OUTWORLD. Highly anticipated by his fans, this techno-driven Himmelreich EP delivers the same high quality as prior releases of the artist. Tailored towards peak hours on the dance floor, this EP flaunts a steady 140bpm, sprinkled with heavy hypnotic rhythms, nostalgic percussions, and trance-inducing synth leads.

The EP’s title track, “Himmelreich,” takes listeners on a journey from darkness to light, perfectly combining haunting baselines with heavenly synths which hint towards the eternal struggle between good and evil. The second project’s track, “Alte Zeit,” is a pure underground techno gem, containing Klangkuenstler’s trademark poetic spoken-word vocals—almost like a demon speaking in the ears. Finally, “Jugend Ohne Gott” delivers us from these charged emotions with a melancholic melody, which guides listeners towards transcendence, and calls us to pause and reflect in the midst of these troubling times.

Himmelreich is a Beatport exclusive release, but it can be purchased as both vinyl and digital format. The three-track EP is also available for streaming on all major platforms.

Klangkuenstler – Himmelreich EP

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