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Ahee seeks wholeness through the counterparts of solitude and community in ‘Loner Stoner’

Despite the unpredictability and insanity the world has experienced this year, artists like Ahee are looking above the horizon with a glimmer of hope towards the future.

There’s something magical about seeing artists utilize music as a means to communicate the unspoken feelings and frustrations of their audience. Sometimes the feelings come easy, sometimes they are a bit more convoluted, complex, and contradictory. Chris Ahee Adams’ newest single, “Loner Stoner,” is a self-reflection on the latter whereby Ahee conveys that it’s okay to make space for these types of feelings.

“Me staying at home gave me a lot of time to self-reflect on how much I miss the live show environment, being out with my friends, and listening to music as a community,” says Adams of the track. “My new song ‘Loner Stoner’ is both laidback and heavy at the same time.”

There’s a certain melancholy approach to this three-minute tune. It’s seen first in the song’s gentle introduction that slowly rises until the song’s climax point, progressing towards an all-to-familiar festival vibe that fans have come to love and expect from Ahee. From a composition standpoint, “Loner Stoner” has a special touch to it that imparts feelings of hope and a sense of anticipation for what’s to come next. It’s a musical journey that guides the ears and emotions gently and coaxes them from one drop to the next. It’s a world of imagination and letting go of all things surrounding the immediate physical realm.

Sometimes recently I’ll close my eyes and imagine being at a live show again with flashing lights, big crowds, & heavy bass, but then I’ll open my eyes and it’s just me in my studio, alone with my thoughts. This song is meant to capture that feeling. I think a number of people can relate to that at the moment.”


All in all, the track speaks on a purely existential level to what many haven’t quite found the words for just yet. 2020 has been a series of unexpected twists and turns such that it will forever go down in human history as a mass turning point. Despite the uncertainty the world has experienced this year, artists like Ahee are looking at the times to embraces the opposite sides of desire: solitude and community. For the “Loner Stoner,” one cannot reach wholeness without passing through this yin-and-yang.

Everyone has experienced their own brand of isolation and seclusion during quarantine, this much is true. Yet the fact remains that every person experienced a similar sort of solitude—a familiar sameness, in other words—and this is what binds us together. That is what community is about.

“Loner Stoner” is out now on Circus Records.

AHEE – Loner Stoner

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