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Jonteal unleashes insane neuro-glitch inspired mix

Leaping onto the scene in 2018 with a single called, Aquatica, Ozarks-based producer Jonteal has been up to quite a lot in the past couple of years. Since getting his start, Jon Jackson (aka Jonteal) has been steadily exploring the realms of neuro, dub, glitch, and more—all while creating his own trademark sound that listeners may begin to recognize after exploring his discography.

Jonteal is certainly in a category of his own with the wide-ranging sounds and samples that he coordinates. After his most recent release, a 25-minute mix celebrating 3,000 followers on SoundCloud, he is showing the world just how unique and experimental he can be. 

With a composition that includes everything from unreleased tracks to VIPs, prepare for a wild half hour. For the listeners who start out a mix sitting down, you will be gyrating across your living room or left sinking deep into your couch by the end of it.

This mix is a compilation of tunes that speak to the journey my music has been on the last couple years. The oldest tunes were written about two years ago and the newest as recently as last week. So it’s a spread and pick of songs that I feel flow together. I just wanted to put something together to say thanks to everyone who’s supported me.”


Hearing great music is one thing. But when fans receive a message like this from producers – that they are doing it for them – it almost grows another life. Despite the positivity that Jackson bestows, this year wasn’t all ice cream and rainbows for him. As many other musicians and producers have discovered, motivation can be depleted in a time like this.

This is what the Arkansas producer had to say about his experience being a producer during a pandemic: “Like many other producers I know and speak with on a regular basis, I’ve been having a hard time finding the motivation to really drive myself to create much music. It’s been tough on all of us, and so a lot of my time has been spent just trying to keep things afloat in life and in music.”

He continues,

Before the pandemic, I started the track ‘Embrace Yourself,’ which sat unfinished for a while in my projects. For a while, it felt weird working on anything with such a hype vibe like that tune has. But eventually I opened it and felt this surge of emotion and excitement, and I just had to finish it and get it out. To me, it speaks to the need to have hope and love for yourself, especially when we’re all feeling so isolated from one another.”


After hearing “Embrace Yourself” as well as his latest mix, fans can rejoice in the fact that Jonteal has seemed to find his groove again. With an outro that leaves listeners wanting more, rest assured there is more coming from this flavorful producer in the near future, including an uptempo EP early next year and a handful of live shows this fall. 

Jonteal – Thank You for 3K Mix 


Canopy Life – Unreleased
Onward – Released
ID – Unreleased
ID – Unreleased
Spaceships – Unreleased
ID – Unreleased
Activated VIP – Unreleased
The Uptick – Unreleased
ID – Unreleased
Embrace Yourself – Released

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