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Mura Masa spins nostalgic remix of PVA’s ‘Talks’

Photo cedit: Maximilian Koenig.

The British producer is known for the genre-bending, forward-thinking beats that won him multiple Grammy Awards for his self-titled debut album in 2017. Now, 24-year old Alex Crossan aka Mura Masa has demonstrated his production chops in a grunge-turned-techno remix of London up-and-comers PVA’s “Talks”.

Stripping all but the vocals, Crossan’s take on the new age-y track is injected with a rising synth loop and distorted percussive elements. All that combined with Ella Harris’ grounded vocals reminiscent of SOPHIE makes for an infectious groove that belongs in a UK underground rave circa 1989. In a statement, Crossan divulged:

I’m a really big fan of PVA since hearing ‘Divine Intervention’, so when they very kindly let me hear their new music I jumped at the chance to put my own twist on Talks. I think they’ve got a very refreshing take on a very classic sound so I tried to do a similar thing with my remix.​”

Mura Masa

The remix follows the release of Crossan’s sophomore album R.Y.C., which took a more conceptual approach and received mixed reviews. In both cases, it is apparent the producer’s moving away from his days of big-name collabs (i.e. A$AP Rocky and Charli XCX) and taking a more DIY route, letting his coveted individuality shine through the music.

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