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Khiva’s new Deep Dark & Dangerous EP is a seductive Halloween treat

Khiva never ceases to pull you into her seductive web of Femme Fatale. After releasing her four-track EP, Life In The Midst of Decay, the Canadian producer returns to Deep Dark & Dangerous with an EP treat fans for spooky season. The two-track short player is called Where The Reaper Stood/All These Things.

Aptly-titled not just for Halloween, but for Khiva’s dark appeal at large, “Where The Reaper Stood” is the first track. It’s a pacifying sedative that pulls listeners willingly into Khiva’s siren-adjacent lure. Clocking in at almost four minutes, the track features invigorating tempos that feel intelligent, anesthetic beat work, and a gorgeous vocal line—all built into a deep sub-bass bedrock. “Where The Reaper Stood” is one track everyone will want on their Halloween weekend come-down playlist.

“All These Things” comes in as a less melodic selection dipping into the vast experimental terrains of half-time. Dark, foreboding, and sonically complex, it’s a wild and suspenseful blend of low-frequency tones. The real pay-offs come on the drops where Khiva takes listeners through measures that are, at times, widely breakbeat and off-kilter; while, at other times, soft, smooth, subdued, and intensely eerie.

Khiva – Where The Reaper Stood

Khiva – All These Things

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