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Midweek Mantra Mix 059: Angelic Root Explores the Unusual in ‘Botanical Dub’

Photo credit: Braxx Photography.

Wednesday is humpday, which not only marks the halfway point between the work week and the coveted weekend, but also Conscious Electronic’Midweek Mantra Mix (M3). We’ve been scouring the web’s most enlightening bass music mixes that align with our vision, to provide “a conscious way to consume dance music.” M3 spotlights both veteran and up-and-coming bass music artists whose music seeks to raise the vibrations of their collective listener base.

Miles from the conventional lies Angelic Root, or Kodyray Jones, a recent addition to the bass community often seen performing and recording under the Deep, Dark, & Dangerous label run by Truth. He’s only been on the scene about two years, but has already begun the arduous process of cementing his position on dub lineups. With music that’s unusual, evocative, and certainly experimental, he finds a way to stick in listener’s minds long after his immersive sets end. His tracks stretch the limits of bass, testing just what is possible while still coloring within the lines of his predecessors.

Despite his freshness, he’s already got a stacked repertoire of festivals and performances under his belt. Most notable include major events like Lost Lands and the RV lots of Electric Forest, or slightly smaller niche fests like Sound Haven, InfraSound, and Dancefestopia. When he’s not spinning at festivals, he can be found on tours with notable bass artists like Mersiv, The Widdler, Bukez Finest, and Prophet. Like many others, he’s understandably been sidelined a bit by the pandemic, but has not let it slow him down– he’s been featured on dozens of livestreams and has begun popping back up at drive-in shows, as well as playing at the recent ReVibe Retreat in Myrtle Beach.

To celebrate achieving ten thousand followers on SoundCloud, he released a treat for fans: volume four of his Botanical Dub Exploration series. It gives new meaning to deep and dark bass, and is packed with unusual sounds and inspiration from nature in unique, fresh ways. At times, the hour long trip slows and puts emphasis on just a few seemingly inconsequential beats, nearly lulling the listener into a zone-out before subtly roping them back again in a brilliant build up and subsequent drop they don’t see coming. Botanical Dub Vol. 4 is nearly all Angelic Root originals, with only a handful of well-placed remixes and collaborations. For those seeking out something different, otherworldy, and altogether awe-inspiring, look no further than the mix below.

Angelic Root – Botanical Dub Exploration Vol. 4

Conscious Electronic – Midweek Mantra Mix Playlist


1. Angelic Root – Embracing Balance
2. Angelic Root – Zenyattas Dub
3. Angelic Root – Honeydew Dub
4. Angelic Root – Sub Jutsu
5. Angelic Root – Testing Sound V.I.P.
6. Dalek One X Angelic Root – Original Pirate
7. Angelic Root – Red Moon (Feat. Vandull)
8. Prophet X Angelic Root – I.D.
9. Angelic Root – War Dub
10. Angelic Root – Obsidian Dub
11. Angelic Root – Azurite
12. DMVU – Bloccd (Angelic Root remix)
13. Angelic Root – Dravite
14. Angelic Root – Marbled Dub
15. Angelic Root – 20202020
16. Angelic Root – Rougher
17. Angelic Root – The Sunken Place
18. Angelic Root – Black Box Black
19. Angelic Root – Wide
20. Angelic Root – Rude Orchard
21. Angelic Root – Fragile
22. Angelic Root – A gradient Of Jasper
23. Harry Belafonte – Day-O (Angelic Root Remix)
24. Angelic Root – Ra Dub
25. Angelic Root – Cobra V.I.P.
26. Angelic Root – MOOG Dub
27. Angelic Root – Spiraling Yellow Suede
28. Angelic Root – RUN
29. Angelic Root – Octave Shift
30. Angelic Root – Colossal Dub
31. Angelic Root – I.D.
32. Angelic Root – 13th floor
33. Mt. Analogue – Puddles (Angelic Root Remix)
34. Angelic Root – Solid
35. Angelic Root – Liquid
36. Angelic Root – Gas
37. Angelic Root – 6060 I.D.
38. Angelic Root – Geode
39. Angelic Root – I.D.
40. Angelic Root – Puja
41. Angelic Root – A Gradient Of Turquoise
42. Angelic Root – Dry Rain

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