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DeemZoo and Moon Lotus create psychedelic bass therapy on new Aspire Higher collaboration, ‘Whispers of a Raven’

There has been a recent and welcomed surge in music that fits within the CloZee sound stamp, which fans of global and world music just can’t get enough of. One champion of this style has come out of the Aspire Higher camp as they continue to push out forward-thinking music on the masses. As part of the label’s Tune Tuesday Exclusive series, Aspire Higher has recently released “Whispers of a Raven,” between Taiga Collective’s DeemZoo and CE favorite Moon Lotus.

Clocking in at nearly four minutes in length, the consciously-attuned collaboration is a breath of fresh air. “Whispers of a Raven” takes elements of world, glitch-hop, jamtronica, and bass, combining them perfectly into a journey-filled ride. From the track’s toy box samples, organic tones, and tribal vocal chants, to its complex broken beat percussive work and undulating bass lines, “Whispers of a Raven” is a kind of psychedelic bass therapy that utilizes all of Mother Nature’s sounds for a meditative sonic experience.

On the one hand, the song feels heated and heavy, while, on the other, soft and subdued. In any case, DeemZoo and Moon Lotus have once again proved themselves artists to watch in the underground bass world.

DeemZoo x Moon Lotus – Whispers of a Raven

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